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In America, we traditionally associate firecrackers with the Fourth of July or New Years Eve…but not with Christmas.However, in parts of Latin America, specifically El Salvador, the whistling sound of ignited fireworks is a pleasant reminder that it’s Christmastime.In Latin America, Christmas is celebrated with christmas gifts presenting, candles, sweet treats, services, and even fireworks.Throughout the season are a lot of bright flowers and brilliant nights. Those songs and foods eaten are greatly influenced by the different indigenous people of the region but all share the strong Latin influence dating from the arrival of Roman Catholicism hundreds of year’s ago.While specifics vary from one country to another, one important finding is that the emotional and personal nature of gifts is prevalent for all situations.It does not matter if the gift-giving event is spontaneous or planned, informal or ceremonial, celebratory or obligatory.Made out of paper mache or clay, these brightly colored objects are filled with candy and suspended from a rope.

Christmas Gift giving, including wrapping and presentation, is a highly personalized and thoughtful gesture that borders on an art form.Once successfully broken, the children scramble to reap the sweets and small toys that fall out.Should the children behave extra good during the holiday season, they’ll also receive a bonus present on the 6th of January from the three wise men.People will go from house to house singing carols and inviting those inside to join the procession.The night ends at a host’s home where everyone enjoys a warm drink, food and games. While Americans have the greatest holiday spirit, nothing can match the incredible richness of Latin American Christmas traditions, infused as they are with a fascinating mix of indigenous culture and Christian celebrations.Drawn from countries across the continets, here are 5 Traditions Mexicans And Other Latinos Celebrate The Birth Of Jesus.Pastorelas: These traditional reenactment plays happen across Latin America but particularly in Mexico and Brazil.Christmas is around the corner and around the world people are getting ready to celebrate the biggest holiday of the year.Christmas in Latin America known as Las Posadas, Navidad and Dia de los Tres Reyes.The most common social components include celebration, commitment and thankfulness.While these components seem common to most cultures, the difference with Latin American consumers is their ability to translate those abstract emotions into a tangible, physical gift.


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