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In its strictest sense the term "ready-made" is applied exclusively to works produced by Marcel Duchamp,'ready-to-wear') while living in New York, and especially to works dating from 1913 to 1921.

Found objects derive their identity as art from the designation placed upon them by the artist and from the social history that comes with the object.

Before writing any code, a Java developer first will create a roadmap or plan on how to proceed, usually beginning with a list of all the objects that need to be created and how they will interact.

Developers may use a class diagram to clarify relationships between objects.

The idea of dignifying commonplace objects in this way was originally a shocking challenge to the accepted distinction between what was considered art as opposed to not art.

Although it may now be accepted in the art world as a viable practice, it continues to arouse questioning, as with the Tate Gallery's Turner Prize exhibition of Tracey Emin's My Bed, which consisted literally of a transposition of her unmade and disheveled bed, surrounded by shed clothing and other bedroom detritus, directly from her bedroom to the Tate.

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An object is an instance of a class: here is the crux of object-oriented programming and the idea of re-use.The relationship between an object and a class is such that many objects can be created using one class. Book Hitch Hiker = new Book("The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy", "Douglas Adams"); Book Short History = new Book("A Short History of Nearly Everything", "Bill Bryson"); Book Ice Station = new Book("Ice Station Zebra", "Alistair Mac Lean"); These three objects can now be used: they can be read, purchased, borrowed or shared.Each object has its own data but its underlying structure (i.e., the type of data it stores and its behaviors) are defined by the class. In this sense the artist gives the audience time and a stage to contemplate an object.As such, found objects can prompt philosophical reflection in the observer ranging from disgust to indifference to nostalgia to empathy.More traditional procedural languages, such as Fortran, COBOL, and C, take a top-down approach, breaking down the task or problem into a logical, orderly series of functions.For example, consider a simple ATM application used by a bank.Marcel Duchamp coined the term ready-made in 1915 to describe a common object that had been selected and not materially altered in any way.Duchamp assembled Bicycle Wheel in 1913 by attaching a common front wheel and fork to the seat of a common stool.As an art form, found objects tend to include the artist's output—at the very least an idea about it, i.e.the artist's designation of the object as art—which is nearly always reinforced with a title.


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