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- After failing to impregnate a female, scientists are now trying artificial insemination- The problem is that he is very old for his species: 43!Kenya's last male northern white rhino has his own profile at one of the world’s most famous dating apps: Tinder!By 1997 the wild population of northern white rhinos had dropped to just 25 animals, all in Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.Nine years later that population had fallen to just four lonely animals.

“He was a great ambassador for his species and will be remembered for the work he did to raise awareness globally of the plight facing not only rhinos, but also the many thousands of other species facing extinction as a result of unsustainable human activity.

In 2009 four of the Dvůr Králové rhinos were flown to Ol Pejeta in Kenya, where it was hoped that the feel of their native sun on their backs and earth beneath their feet would inspire them to start breeding and save their species from extinction, possibly by mating and producing hybrid young with related southern white rhinos ().

The simple act of returning to Africa helped immensely.

Poachers, emboldened and enabled by war and conflict, probably got them, too.

Repeated searches in 2007, 20 failed to find any evidence that they had survived. Eight aging, non-breeding northern white rhinos remained, all living in zoos: two at the San Diego Wild Animal Park and six at Dvůr Králové Zoo in the Czech Republic.


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