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But look over his shoulder at the fellow flying high in an airplane as an alphabet trail sputters behind him.It’s Bob Mc Grath, a star of the “Sesame Street” children’s program, author, musician and Ottawa area native.Towering forty feet above the Illinois River and weighing an astonishing seventeen tons each, these two massive steel sculptures are now registered with the Smithsonian Art Inventories Catalog and can be found in Ottawa’s own picturesque Allen Park.Created by native artist, Mary Meinz-Fanning, these historical art structures are fashioned from parts of Ottawa’s old Hilliard Bridge, originally built in 1933.The two-story Gothic Revival-style home known as “The Oaks” is also pictured in the mural.The Wallaces furnished their eight-room house in a handsome fashion with furniture brought west from Boston, Mass. From 1875 until his death in 1885, he was a justice on the Illinois Supreme Court.In this mural, Bob is again the star, honored in vivid color for his contribution to children’s education.Objects in the mural swirl as fast and as far as a child’s imagination!

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Wallace, Ann and their daughter Isabelle are shown in the mural created by G. The faces of several of the soldiers who surround the painted general are Ottawa soldiers.

Here you can travel to the East Coast of the United States, or to the universe!

Cartoon characters lend a touch of whimsy to the art as real Ottawa children take center-stage singing, dancing, painting, playing make-believe or offering comfort. This money was taken from the vault each morning and displayed in the bank president’s window to show that the bank was solvent and depositors’ money was safe, and this suppress any “runs” on the bank.

Learn about the people who made Ottawa great and who built Ottawa’s breathtaking and imposing skyline.

Artist: Tim Trumbo The History of Communications mural can be read as a historical timeline starting from left to right, beginning with the arrival of French voyagers in the 1700’s marking the visit of Father Pierre Marquette and explorer Louis Joliet.


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