Dating site profile picture advice

There are so many people looking for love online now that you don’t have to exaggerate – be yourself and someone will adore you just the way you are.It’s all very well posing for hours on end for the perfect picture, or editing your favourite photo on your computer, but that’s not who you really are. People on dating sites want to see the real you and both parties are much more likely to be pleased with what they see when you meet face to face if you’ve both posted images that show you as you are.

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But first impressions are everything, so it’s important that your picture says the right things about you.

Any photo where you can’t really make out the person’s face is a definite no-no.

Whether it’s because the picture is out of focus, the resolution is too low, or you’re suffering from glowing red eyes, it shouldn’t be on your profile.

Avoid that unflattering mirror shot by asking a friend to take your photo, or invest in a camera with timer.

You may think that showing off your figure will win you lots of attention from matches, but the opposite tends to happen.


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