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When you are saving for your deposit there are some tried and true tips and tricks to help you stay on track: Once you are settled in and have paid all the initial fees, mock up a weekly budget to help you keep on track with your repayments.Some tips for keeping up include: Make use of a mortgage offset account.0 cash back is credited to customer account within 6 weeks after spending requirements are met. We base lending decisions on whether you can afford the repayments now, rather than any monetary struggles you may have experienced in the past.

First select all your debts that may have a higher interest rate than our Personal Loan.

If you do find yourself struggling, evaluate your current living situation and lifestyle. Any extra income you make to help you stay on track and still allow you enough for a high quality of life will be worthwhile.

If you are considering taking out a loan, compare lenders to find the best rates and the most appropriate loan for your life and circumstances.

Variable APR for Purchases from 16.24% to 25.24% based on the Prime Rate and your creditworthiness when you open your account. There are no Annual, Balance Transfer, Cash Advance, Foreign Transaction, or Returned Payment fees. Each time we do not receive the Minimum Payment Due in full by the Payment Due Date, we will charge you a Late Fee of for the first late fee in a 6-month period and a fee for each late payment until there are 6 consecutive months with no late payments. 1.5% Cash back is earned on new net retail purchases (qualifying purchases less credits, returns, and adjustments) and can be redeemed for statement credit, gift cards, electronic certificates, or merchandise.

However, we will never charge a Late Payment Fee exceeding the Minimum Payment Due that is late. Cash back cannot be earned on balance transfers, cash advances, purchases of money orders and other cash equivalents, purchases made by or for a business purpose, fees, interest charges, unauthorized / fraudulent transactions, and certain other charges.


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