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I don't think the relationships to be had with an entire nation's womenfolk can be summarized, but since the question asks what it is like to date a Korean girl I might be able to say a few words.

I dated a Korean girl for about 4-5yrs: well about 2yrs of what might be described as a relationship spread out over an extended 5yr fight.

There are couple cafes, couple movie theaters, couple holidays, couple phone apps, and — of course — couple clothes.

In a community where most young adults live at home until they’re ready to get married, and public displays of affection are deeply discouraged, Korean couples have embraced this kind of matchy-matchy dressing as a non-verbal way to communicate that, yes, they’re on the same team.

She had already been in the US for about a decade and finished high school here.

Nonetheless, she still considered herself defiantly ' FOB'.

Towards the end I came to realize I was often playing a 'father' role to her 'little girl' role and knowing the 'relationship' was cartoonishly dysfunctional, simply let it die a natural death.However, when I started studying Korean history she was inexplicably upset about it and asked me to stop.She took me to some Korean restaurants out in the suburbs where she lived--and she would always order the most 'adventurous' (like a bowl of dismembered squid at room temp with some eggs and pickled beets mixed in) entree she could for me.There were plenty of meltdowns and arguments at 1-3a at either an IHOP or a Denny's.I distinctly recall one vicious fight occasioned by her throwing food on my plate.Note that none of what I mentioned is all that specific to somebody being born and raised in Korea--I certainly have no bad opinions of Korean ladies just because I had rather unfortunate luck with one particular individual a long time ago.There's plenty of ladies out there of any descent who might act out the same way and have similar emotional/self-esteem issues.A constant criticism from her was my incessant clowning around--too American and too irreverent I was told.So that's a little, anecdotal glimpse into my ill-fated relationship with a young lady of Korean descent.Sometimes I would hold her and she would softly cry while I ran my fingers through her hair.She lived at home until she got married (which I heard about through the grapevine many years after we broke up), and so most of our time spent together outside of school was out at 24hr diners near her place (I had roommates, she had parents she didn't want to upset/offend, and I was dirt poor).


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