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The book includes chapters on making amends to parents, children, family members, exes, financial institutions, friends and coworkers.These powerful stories illustrate how practicing Step Nine can help us, as AA’s co-founder Bill W.The chapters that follow are filled with stories of experience, strength and hope—by both men and women—who served their country on land, sea and air.These personal accounts illustrate the challenges alcoholics in uniform encounter, often under difficult circumstances, far from loved ones.AA in the Military is a collection of stories, previously published in Grapevine, by members of Alcoholics Anonymous who have served in the military.

All of these passages first appeared in the pages of Grapevine as part of members’ stories and other submissions, and many of them can now be found in Grapevine’s themed book anthologies.

Getting sober can be painful and amazing, but it also can be pretty darn amusing.

This collection of stories from the Grapevine shows how, in recovery, AAs have learned to laugh.

They share their experience, strength and hope with alcoholism as well as their personal struggles and hard-fought triumphs.

The stories in this book show that—like most alcoholics—LGBT AAs struggle to fit in, stay sober and find peace in their lives.


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