Dating gibson 68 les paul custom reissue

Questions about anything pertaining to the LP guitar is welcome, flaming or any other asinine behavior will be met with a backhand by a wet glove.

The new Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul True Historic models are a perfect representation of Gibson’s pursuit of achieving a precise reissue of the original Les Paul.Click here to view our entire stock of Gibson True Historic Les Pauls!In 2013, Gibson Custom re-introduced the use of hide glue neck construction in its Historic Reissue guitars – a very old-school technique and material that had long since been replaced by synthetic glue for its faster set time and ease of use.But anyway in this thread we can, as a community, answer questions about different models, changes, pros, cons, values, favorites, etc.This is not a \"my guitar is better than your guitar\" thread, what may be overpriced to you may not be to someone else.This one was Duanne Allmans1958 brings us the burst.(Invalid img)the 1959 brings a thinner neck than the previous models and slightly taller fretsthe 1960 brings still a thinner that was the end of the single cut maple top until 19681961 Les Paul(Invalid img)between '61 and '68, during the hard rock \"explosion\" if anyone wanted the \"old style\" les paul with buckers they had to get a '57 - '60 which in part made them so desirable and growing demand eventually helped persuade gibson bring them back in ' in a way, any les paul made after '60 was a \"reissue\".So let's just say some guitars may or may not be a better \"value\" and leave it at that. Plenty of guitar manufacturers make Les Paul type guitars. So do plenty of others, Tokai, Navigator, Burny, Orville, Epiphone, Agile, ESP\/LTD, Edwards, on and on and on...We can basically try to stay within the scope of single cut guitars (although Yamaha does a fine job at having two cutaways) with two humbuckers is close enough.In 1969 Gibson decided to continue their line of les paul custom reissue models with a 3 piece mahogany/maple body , very similar specs like the 68 reissue except were made in various finishes and are still going strong today, 2 or 3 pickups were optional troughout the 70s , and 80s .Throughout the years these gibson guitars were endorsed and played by numorous rockstars and famous guitar players such as eric clapton , jimmy page , ace frehley , zakk wylde , pete townshend , marc anthony , santana , randy rhoads and jimi hendrix name a few .


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