Dating game tv episodes

Certain kinds of questions were "off-limits", such as name, age, occupation, and income.

When the original format returned to the syndicated revival in , these rules were readopted but there was more of a variety between bachelors and bachelorettes.

The same question could be asked to multiple bachelors. The bachelorette would make her choice based solely on the answers to her questions.

Occasionally, the contestant was a bachelor who would ask questions to three bachelorettes.

A dozen single Women wait anxiously in the Caribbean as a man a day arrives via helicopter - each man chooses which woman he would like to be "coupled " with, until they are all paired up and the fun begins.

Former contestant Jessie Nizewitz sued Viacom as well as Firelight Entertainment and Lighthearted Entertainment for million after they accidentally broadcast an uncensored shot of her genital region on air.

The program was originally broadcast in black-and-white, but when a prime-time version began in October , both it and the daytime version were broadcast in color; the daytime version thus became the first ABC daytime series to be broadcast in color on a regular basis.

It first aired on December 20, and was the first of many shows created and packaged by Chuck Barris from the s through the s.

The program was revived three additional times in syndication afterwards.

Instead of asking questions, the single man or woman selected their date based on the p An eligible bachelor or bachelorette picks a blind date by asking a series of questions to three singles hidden behind a partition.

Instead of asking questions, the single man or woman selected their date based on the person's appearance and personality.


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