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The original architects of the world put most of the heroes there, as a subversion of the then-dominant trope of No Communities Were Harmed and as an excuse for Cross Overs.The Marvel Universe's defining characteristics include a general trend toward realism mixed with the fantastic, a little more Civvie Spandex than The DCU, and a strong undercurrent of cynicism among the local populace (who are anything from skeptical to distrustful of superpowered beings aside from charismatic mega-celebrities like Iron Man and the Fantastic Four).Related: What You Can Learn from the Startup that Pulled Piano Lessons into the Internet Age Someone looking for a wedding band, for example, might use Thumbtack.The engaged couple would post the date, how long the band would be needed, the type of music preferred and then sit back and receive bids from various musical groups.The world as portrayed in Marvel Comics, especially under Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, designated as Earth-616 in Marvel's multiverse.As in The DCU, Marvel heroes form teams and Crossover occurs frequently, with many Continuity Nods.

Related: How Small Business Can Beat the Global Megacorporations Today And to discover ideas, turn to your local Craigslist or Penny Saver listings.

Starting a service like one of these on a local level isn’t too difficult.

Frankly, with a Word Press website connected to one of the payment services and a little help from a developer you can get started.

Of course, it varies from writer to writer; in some eras, Marvel have more explicitly tried to root their Universe in 'the real world', while at other times, there have been entire mutant ghettos covering large areas of New York City. Currently owned by Disney; a striking parallel to Disney's old animated shorts rival Warner Bros.

It’s one of the oldest businesses known to man-and-woman-kind and with the boom in all kinds of dating sites, it’s obviously a service that has been pulled into the Internet Age.


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