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Then for the payee, enter the amount, adjust the delivery date if you want to make it later than what appears, and then send it.

Great question, and you’re probably not the first one to ask it.Once your external account’s verified, you can transfer money to and from it using online banking or the mobile banking app.First, if you haven’t yet added their account to your “transfer to” list, you’ll need the other member’s account number (ex: 1234567S7) and last name.Please note that when an ACH (electronic payment) is attempted from a savings account after the Regulation D limit is reached, it's rejected as NSF (insufficient funds) and an NSF fee is issued.Lastly, the Regulation D limit doesn’t apply to in-person transfers and/or withdrawals at a branch or ATM. If you went directly to the Popmoney website, however, you WOULD be charged a fee (by them).Once you enroll in digital statements and notices, you can view them in online banking by going to Statements & Notices.From there you can view your member statements, mortgage statements, notices, tax documents and credit card statements.You can expect a reply from a member advisor within the next business day.If you can’t wait that long for a response, please instead call or live chat during business hours.For electronic payments, this is typically 1 – 3 business days; for check payments, it’s typically 3 – 5 business days. To add an external account (an account at a different credit union or bank) to your “transfer to” list, go to Move Money and select Add an External Account, then enter your account and routing numbers.Please note that adding new external accounts needs to be done in online banking via Affinity (it can’t yet be done in the mobile app).


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