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It’s a room where I do what I did there and it worked really, really great but I think Ray is amazing writer, which is really kind of meant to be, it’s an amazing comedy room but I’ve always wanted my own club and Richard Sturm who is one of the heads of MGM — he used to work at Bally’s — gave me one of my first gigs ever and then when they opened here, this is before I was on “Raymond,” I would open for their different acts and then when “Raymond” took off, I would start headlining some of their rooms and I told Richard early on that I would one day love to have my own comedy club here because I love to get acts in here that really need to be seen and should be seen and deserve a Vegas room and I think for any comic, the clubs are your roots.

It’s where you start, it’s where you die, it’s where you do OK, and it just has that intimate feel.

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Well this week, our vice was a dose of hilarity at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club in the basement of the MGM Grand.

” and about 10 minutes into it, I took a Heineken bottle to the melon.

It just such a level that you watch and it’s just so good.

And I saw Steve in 1970 and the Blues Brothers opened up for him and you know you see someone like that, you know that you will never be anywhere near that level, but sometimes it just sparks something in you and it was really kind of him and Don Rickles that really sparked me wanting to do all of this.

Last night was just two hours of hilarity that didn’t stop.

So just a bunch of wonderful strangers that can take a punch would be great.

I never put friends of family in the front because when other people see you hang out later, they think it’s set up so I love strangers in a weird way. BG: I saw Steve Martin and Martin Short last night who are really, really two of my heroes, you know?


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