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I know a lot about Eastern Europeans as my family was and is Eastern European, even though I was raised in the USA.I have a reasonable perspective on Eastern European girls and feel I can convey useful information on what your normal Romanian girl is looking for in a relationship.The key to understanding Romanian women Romanians have three themes in their culture which has influenced the individuals living there. Spiritual depth – The youth might rebel or talk about some country priest who says unenlightened things during the service, but at their center they are Orthodox.In their wallets they have Icons of the Blessed Mother. Treat these girls like angels as they might be one for real someday. Greatness in their historical past – Romania was a regional superpower for hundreds of years with a rich culture. Read about Herta Müller or Elie Wiesel or Eugene Ionesco and be able to talk intelligently in conversation about the culture of Romania.Divorce rates are low in Romania, just choose one that has a low flight risk.Try to understand how girl thinks and her world view.

If you want to skip this you can go directly to this section How to win a Romanian women Spiritual side of Romanian women Most Romanians do not use their faith to ‘show up’.Scientific studies confirm that Romanian woman are ranked in the top three hottest women on the earth.Romanian girls are magical in their allure and the affect on others is happiness.Just because her gym honed body, icy cold blue eyes, pale skin and dark hair (this look is common in Romania), have cast a spell on you, does not mean she is a good choice for dating. For your own mental well being, if you are looking for a long term relationship, you need to find a girl that is dedicated to Orthodoxy or is a Christian in some form.I do not mean going to church on holidays, I mean someone that is walking the walk.Romanian economy is quite good now, with textiles and IT leading the charge.I personally look to Romania to do business as the people there are bright and educated.So if you think you are so cool and flash your cash at a Romanian girl and she will marry you, think again. Economics of Romanian dating The past communist dictator of the country destroyed the economy of Romania.It was a poor country but is now raising from nothing.If the female does not know these people, mind you, drop her like a bad habit.Only date sophisticated women with a humble nature, no matter how that tight black dress looks on them. Economic hardship – What can I say, on one hand they are EU but on the other hand wages paid are not up to par with what the talent is worth in any major city in Eastern Europe.


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