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On a personal note - this not worrying about it has done nothing but reinforce what I have always been - picky. I tried that at first - it was not all that wonderful. If you already know up front that you can not picture yourself in a LTR with that person .......... I personally could find my (not lost but stored away) mojo in a nano second - if the proper situation (the right gal) was in, lol, "learn to live without it". just some 'overwhelmed' mojo as a result of some dysfunctional ways of thinking... I have 11 years of recovery from what we like to call...(the disease to please) [among other things..ha! And I was always a little worried about not being home or at work for more than 18 hours (not my best character trait).

what possible reason could there be for going out with them. And finding out that it really isn't worth worrying about it. I personally like those little quickie "lets meet after work for a small dinner" (she usually wasn't a big eater) or "can I go with you shopping after work".

Every so often I add to a set of pictures (reminders) - I am calling this set “Riches - (begin with)”Anyway - he started talking about .......“nothing that life has to offer is worth worrying about”He mentioned many many things (that people worry about) and a few of them jumped out at me.- getting older This tread came to mind when he said ...“If there is no love in your life - learn to live without it”I think many of us have at some point - have crossed over that “fence” and have decided ........... I also think that some view a person’s decision to “not worry about it” as they have given up on it. I have a hunch that ***IF*** we had the opportunity to actually be around someone that we viewed as a potential LTR ...... We just all too often tend to go about it all wrong. well, we should honestly ask the question..." who's fault is that? if you follow the proverbial Buck back to its beginning it always winds up in the same place....right on our own desk!! changing ourselves is the ONLY thing the creator actually gave us any power over. She was more of an organized, scheduled, plan ahead, clean out the car, make a list, get all the other responsibilities done first....

When in reality they have just decided not to worry about it. we would know EXACTLY where we had stored our mojo. Cheers everyone, Raven Ain't no Lost Mojo around here... FLASH: there is nothing wrong with LOVE, relationships, dating, partnership...that. The simple rationalization is to blame it on the other party..the whole concept of relationships. the Enemy is not the A-holes we pick for partners, or the whole Idea of Love and relationships. So, to all of you who feel like you have lost your mojo, or have become disgruntled..bitter.., the outlook is good. And she was stuck in a caretakers cottage 24/7, 364 days a year, so if my house was a mess, that didn't matter, until she moved.

Every weekend doesn't need to be skiing, camping, opera, or a coastal gettaway (but then who cares how your house looks).

For many of us "OUR INDEPENDANCE OR EGO" creates a barrier to changing our habits.

A good relationship should be just the opposite with both of you yearning to help each other more and more, and feel comfortable being a part of their life, they yours, no matter where you are, or what you are doing. If you're tired of dating and want to settle in with someone then, look for that type of man. I guess I was so lonely & so desperate for companionship I would do just about anything to have someone to spend my time with.So I stopped dating for a couple of months until I was prepared to simply be myself.Once I did that dates became so much more enjoyable.I've felt this way as well -- a number of times since I came on this website -- and during those times, I just step away, change my profile up a bit to show I'm just looking to make friendships and hang around on the forums and meet people on a different level. It just takes time, a little patience and something else to occupy yourself while you guy Now, you have to dress up like a playboy bunny, not have a single wrinkle, you are supposed to be "athletic". Most of the time (about 18 hours a day) I have all this ......... well, we should honestly answer the question..."who picked them? When you do, all the other stuff won't be an effort""""Wonderful posts ladies (and a few gentlemen, I hope).You had your mojo before and the enthusiasm to enjoy using it. umm information coming at me, while I do all of this boring computer work. Just now - while listening to an ebook (Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich) the guy that is talking (while Napoleon Hill is not) started talking about worry. " If we find that we are Losing ourselves in our relationships.... I know the feeling and I think my EX GF (age 46) must have known the feeling, or thats perhaps a good reason we might still be together.I wish she had felt this way, remember who said """I would have loved a man to go shopping with me. Even if you do love the person, work is work (at least for many of us who struggle with it).I have never once in my life , been with a man who wanted to shop for something for "Me""". You don't shave your legs twice a day for most of us.If you didn't do those things and the guy left, then he wasn't worth your time anyway. I don't have to worry about anyone but me and that's nice. Put out a couple TV dinners and eat in the living room while watching a movie. Then I went through a period of time where I met someone online, traded a few emails & photos, spoke on the phone & chatted online with someone before we actually met.I know, I know I used to be that way myself, and I was miserable. And as far as sex, no - it's not the same as making love with a person you love. I think I maybe losing my Mojo, too.[quote I read your profile and it says you just want to "Hang Out". My learnings from these next few dates was that you never truly get to know someone online ...It made me question my ability to judge others & it also made me very self conscious and question what was wrong with me.From these experiences I made the decision to simply focus on the moment when I am on a date & not allow myself to think about what the future holds. I think I have come to the conclusion that I do have baggage and fear fear fear.


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    Still, I don’t think I should go out with every guy I message three times. And if you have all your time tied up in messaging frogs—and not kissing them—you’re seriously hurting your chances of finding your prince.