Danny devito and taylor swift dating

The 1988 film starred Schwarzenegger and De Vito as mismatched brothers, and...Zac Efron has been spending time reading The Lorax to schoolchildren in New York, according to a report from Associated Press (March 5, 2012).Taylor Swift and Zac Efron have told Ellen Degeneres that they are definitely not a couple, despite persistent rumors.

The pint-sized movie star will appear alongside British actor Richard Griffiths in the Neil Simon play,...

The 'Hangover' actor asked to be cast in the animated 3-D movie - an adaptation of Dr. Taylor Swift wanted to be in 'The Lorax' because she loved Dr. Taylor plays Audrey in the animated 3-D film adaptation of Dr.

Seuss' children's tale of environmental conservation, and she reveals...

Danny De Vito is a ''babe magnet,'' according to Michael Douglas.

The 67-year-old actor and director - famed for his short stature - used to share a flat with Michael, and even though he was rooming...


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