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This is an allegation denied by Roache, who has cited Ken's evolution over the years, his chaotic love life and dysfunctional family as evidence to the contrary.

Roache has been honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the British Soap Awards for his portrayal of Ken.

Away from the canonical serial, Ken has been portrayed by James Roache (William Roache's son) in the dramatisation The Road to Coronation Street, and by Simon Chadwick in the play Corrie! He has also been spoofed by impressionist Jon Culshaw.

Ken is born and raised in Coronation Street, Weatherfield, Lancashire, on 9 October 1939.

Ken and Deirdre's fictional relationship made newspaper headlines in Britain in 1983 due to Deirdre's adultery with Mike Baldwin.

The storyline captured both media and viewer interest.

Being educated and politically minded, Ken differs from his family and neighbours.

This is a source of friction between Ken and his father Frank, who believes Ken is trying to distance himself from his working-class roots.

In January 1966, Ken has another affair with reporter Jackie Marsh (Pamela Craig).

Ken begins teaching, and marries Valerie Tatlock (Anne Reid) in July 1962.

Two years later, he has a fling with exotic dancer Pip Mistral (Elaine Stevens), but his marriage survives.

When Ken writes a scathing newspaper article about his uneducated neighbours in Weatherfield, Frank and the community are outraged. Ken turns down a teaching post to support his father, but he and Frank continue to clash until Frank leaves in 1964.

David and Frank's deaths in 19 respectively, leave Ken as the sole surviving Barlow.


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