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Bentley, (John Bentley), Fletcher Benton, Roloff Beny, Paul F.Berdanier, (Paul Berdanier), Henri Berengier, Marie Berger, Roberto Bero, Pierre Emile Berthelemy, (Pierre Berthelemy), Rene Bertholo, Francois-Edouard Bertin, Paul Berthon, Albert Besnard, Amedee Besnus, Leon Barillot, Jacques Beurdeley, Thomas Bewick, Charles Beyer, Mose Bianchi, Andre Bicat, Albion Harris Bicknell, A. Bicknell, George Biddle, Francois Bignon, Edmond Bille, Pierre Billet, Harrington Bird, Michael Biddle, Charles Billoin, Elizabeth Blackwell, Willem Blaeu, Philippa Blair, Sara Eugenia Blake, William Blake, Arnold Blanch, Lucile Blanch, Thomas Blanchet, Arbit Blatas, Maurice Emile Blieck, Julius Thiengen Bloch, J. Blum, Robert Frederick Blum, Robert Blyth, Lars Bo, Karl Bodmer, Walter Edward Bohl, Louis Leopold Boilly, Alfred Boilot, Carmen Bonanno, Pierre Bonnard, William Bond, Sir David Muirhead Bone, Paolo Boni, Pierre Bonnard, Francois Bonvin, George Booth, Francisco Bores, Peter Borckmann, Emma Bormann, Gilberto Borromeo, Paul-Adrien Bouroux, (Paul Bouroux), Giuseppe Bortignoni, Ernst Bosch, Arun Bose, Otto Richard Bossert, Klaus Bottger, 'Klaus Boettger', Frederic Bouchot, George Henry Boughton, Louis Boulanger, Jules Joseph Guillaume Bourdet, (Jules Bourdet), Alphonse Bourdin, Aglaus Bouvenne, Emanuel Bowene, John Boydell, Michel Bouquet, Josiah Boydell, Stanton, Howard Bradford, George A.

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Brown, (Roy Brown), George Elmer Browne, Halbot Knight Browne, John Browne, Edith Bry, Colleen Browning, John Henry Buffard, J. Buffard, Bernard Buffet, Charles Ragland Bunnell, (Charles Bunnell), Jennie Brownscombe, Franco Bruna, Max Bruning, Alfred Louis Brunet-Debaines, (Alfred Brunet-Debaines), John Brunsden, Wolff Buchholz, Armin Buchterkirch, Wolff Buchholz, Edwin Buckman, Robert Budzinski, John Chessel Buckler, Buff & Buff Manufacturing Company, Boston, Henry William Bunbury, Buntsu, Johann Burger, William Walter Burgess, Michael Burghers, Thomas Burke, Roger Burlet-Viennay, George Elbert Burr (George Burr), Samuel Chatwood Burton, (Samuel Burton) and William Byrne.

A new printmaking technique had recently come to the fore in England and, although Francesco Bartolozzi made no claim to its invention, his name is forever linked with the 'stipple' engraving.

He recognized that the very delicate tonal techniques of the stipple were best suited for figure studies and decorative subjects.

We can not provide the price for the works of art that have sold.

These pages are only meant to be used as a reference guide for those of you searching for information, such as artist biographies, historical records, or other specific facts dealing with each particular work of art.


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