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It’s a sunny afternoon in the middle of September and it’s just our luck that Hammer is locked away in a disused warehouse in north London.But we can’t really complain we’re in very good company.

You might think you’re seeing the World, but you’re not really.“But, I’m going to have a look anyway.” She drags her index finger down the page until she finds her star sign. “Let’s see what the stars have in store for me: ‘The last few months have been pretty traumatic for you. ‘You’re going to have an uncomfortable experience when Mars comes into contact with Uranus’, in the case of Cristina and her band, theirs couldn’t be more apt.There have been a lot of dramatic changes in your life. Nigh on 18 months ago, the Italian sextet weren’t even known outside Europe and even then – bar their zealot supporters in the UK press and at the Brit arm of their label Century Media – Lacuna Coil weren’t even considered a real priority, not even by their label’s other international offices.There were very few women on the Ozzfest tour, so I guess you could be forgiven for thinking she was me if she was sat with the rest of my band. Anyway Rob Halford came over and asked if he could sit at their table.We’re both skinny and she’s got black hair like me too, but she’s a lot paler than I am. The guys in the band were so excited, I mean Judas Priest are really big rock stars and they normally keep themselves to themselves.She picks up a women’s magazine and thumbs through its page until she arrives at the horoscopes page. “That is just so true,” she gasps in astonishment as she passes Hammer the magazine.“I never really pay attention to what my horoscope says,” she tells Hammer with a warm smile. While we don’t really instil a great amount of faith in horoscopes as ours says.“Dani I only had sip,” she giggles trying but failing miserably to shoot him a stern look.“You drank the rest of the bottle and you’ve forgotten already!We met so many people and we learnt a lot, we really did.No I could never say it sucked because I had a great time!


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