Consolidating file servers

target type The type of target, which has certain characteristics and behavior.For example, a SQL Server instance target has different characteristics than a SQL Server database target.The data collector provides one central point for data collection across your database servers and applications.This collection point can obtain data from a variety of sources and is not limited to performance data, unlike SQL Trace.

collector type A logical wrapper around the SSIS packages that provide the actual mechanism for collecting data and uploading it to the management data warehouse. A collection item is created with a specific set of input properties and a collection frequency. A collection set is a unit of data collection that a user can interact with through the user interface.

Before you work with the data collector, you should therefore understand certain concepts related to each of these SQL Server components.

SQL Server Agent is used to schedule and run collection jobs.

The Data Collector is a component of SQL Server 2017 that collects different sets of data.

Data collection either runs constantly or on a user-defined schedule.


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