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They can also help students to take advantage of potential tax benefits, and to apply for loan consolidation programs.Great Lakes’ full service extends to tutorials on budgeting for student finances, building a solid credit history while in college, and protecting oneself from identity theft.From initial loan agreement to final discharge, Great Lakes works closely with students to successfully navigate the often treacherous waters of student loans.Their Ten Tips To Stay on Top of Your Student Loan takes students from initial application to final repayment, putting special emphasis on limiting loan amounts and avoiding ballooning interest payments.So now I have the remainder and it accrues daily ... I work like a madman but I have tax debt as well that I am trying to deal with..there any way to reduce the amount I owe them I speak to..advice would be greatly appreciated!

Defaulting on a student loan can have disastrous effects on a student’s income and future credit score, and must be avoided at all costs.

Great Lakes has partnered with a large number of lenders, both private and public, to provide low cost education loans to college-bound students.

Great Lakes Education Loan Services specializes in managing the back end of the loan process.

Five minutes can guarantee that they never increase again.

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