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If this is an area you don’t feel confident talking to your kids about, it’s important to get up to speed. There is scientific evidence both consistent and inconsistent with evolutionary theory.I didn’t hear much about evolution growing up, but I do clearly remember my youth group leader laughing it off one day: “Yeah, right, like we all really came from apes!Christians of viewpoint (young-Earth creationists, old-Earth creationists, and theistic evolutionists) all agree that evolution, in this sense, takes place (sometimes people refer to this as “microevolution”). Ultimately, evolutionists claim that all species on Earth today descend from a single species that lived 3.5 billion years ago. When Christian parents negatively overreact to the mere idea of evolution, they can quickly lose credibility with their kids for not understanding and interacting with the issues more deeply.Our kids need us to understand what they are learning and how to process it scientifically and scripturally.Based on the light-hearted handling I had seen from other Christians, I had assumed evolution was an idea that could easily be dismissed.In reality, there is significant scientific evidence both consistent understanding of the scientific evidence that is both consistent and inconsistent with it. The age of the Earth and evolution are related but separate scientific subjects that Christians must grapple with.A common misunderstanding many Christians have is that questions about the age of the Earth and evolution are all part of one issue.They’re , but actually pose separate scientific (and theological) questions for Christians.

Conversely, to my knowledge, there are no mainstream scientists (Christian or non-Christian) who believe the Earth is 6,000-10,000 years old based on scientific evidence ALONE. While some Christians are too fast to dismiss anything related to the word evolution (see point 1), others are too fast to embrace it without understanding the full implications.

This basic concept of evolution isn’t controversial at all.

Genetic change within species is a well-documented fact that scientists can observe within a human lifetime.

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