Checking for latest version of windows updating software loop

Look at Google how they stopped supporting Vista for nothing.They could have just taken the Windows 7 version of Chrome and surely it would have worked.

I would've abandoned MS completely if the alternatives don't suck even more.Too bad every time a company gets big they get arrogant. Now from this thread I gather you just need to follow the instructions here ( and that will fix it for this month?But then next month you need to go through the whole process again which is a massive pain. These instructions are based on Dalai's workaround at but include some helpful hints on how to install any Windows kernel-mode driver (Win32K.sys) updates missing from your system. You will have to check Dalai's webpage at each Patch Tuesday (the second Tuesday of the month) to see if a new Win32update was released that must be pre-installed to speed up Windows Update. I've searched everywhere on the internet and this thread seems to be the most up to date and one that actually presents a solution.My machine is Vista Home Basic and with only 2 GB of RAM I get high memory usage (up to 500 MB RAM 1 GB already in use when idle) and high CPU load (completely maxxed out one of my dual cores).Well, it's true that 7's Windows Update Agent should be working with Vista too.I use Vista without updating it for 7 months (on my brother's laptop, for who has read my thread when I was asking for Virus help) and it's fine. There is no point of upgrading to a new OS, as I said. 1.5% is nothing but it's still a few million in absolute terms.The Windows Update Agent (wuaueng.dll) v7.6.7600.256 for Vista that seems to be causing these "" hangs hasn't been updated since June 2012, and I suspect that there won't be a permanent fix for this problem unless Microsoft releases a patch for this WUA before extended support for Vista ends on 11-Apr-2017. ------------ Yeah, but as I said above, the Vista I'm using is on a laptop, so I can't upgrade the hardware without buying a new computer.If you're buying a new computer, then might as well get the latest OS.Oh, talking about Chrome, in a Beta version of Chrome, they took the 7 version of Chrome and tried to run it on Vista.It was all fine, but they decided to take the XP version, "just to be sure that nothing unexpected happens".


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