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AGM Buddy's hold a crucial role in the Adult Mentor training process.

Once an apprentice has been trained in the theory aspects of adult mentoring, the AGM Buddy will take the apprentice and complete the field training aspect of the course.

Will Have send Notice rights The role of the AGM Librarian, is to collate and maintain the notecards that are given out to all residents, maintain the community library and ensure that information within each note card is accurate.

This is a full time role and will have officer rights within the AGM group.

Once the group structure is in place, the group owner(s) should have minimal interaction with the group.

AGM has chosen to offer its services to the adult Sims; this is a pioneering effort on the part of AGM and its professional mentors.All the training has been written or is in the process of being written. The Apprentice Mentor Tag will remain in force until such time as the apprentice has attended and passed the Adult Mentor training, which will consist of: Two theory lessons, the first being training that general mentors have to complete before being accepted as a regular mentor, the second is adult grid specific.When the theory elements have been completed, the apprentice will be dropped in the deep end of an adult sim with an experienced Adult Mentor.AGM is an independent group of like minded mentors that are not associated with the Linden Lab Resident Help Network (RHN) initiative that Linden Lab is currently running.AGM has a plan that is currently being developed, that will benefit, ALL SL residents on the adult Sims.Whilst the management structure is necessary, each and every member of the group is just as important as anyone else.Any title that a person has is purely a means to identify what the individual does; it does not mean that they are better than anyone else.From time to time AGM chat will be used to advertise charity related events or cross mentor group events.This has been the case in most mentor groups and it is likely that it will continue in AGM chat.By electing to establish this project, AGM will be adding value to the residents that elect to live, work and play on the adult Sims, and it is hoped that this act will add to the retention rate that is often on the Linden Lab agenda.Given that AGM is leading this rather exciting venture, we fully expect other mentor groups to follow our lead once we have established that it works and is of value to the SL community at large and the adult Sims in particular.


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