Capricorn dating an aries Sexy chat via emial

Both Capricorn women and Aries men are born to lead and take distinct joy in the pursuit of someone who has caught their eye.

They will never give up or submit, which can be annoying to some and endearing to others.

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He has the same raw ambition as Capricorn but is adamant about living life his way.

It will be up to the individual to decide if they can stand the endless contest for leadership in exchange for compatibility in love or friendship.

Capricorn women are mildly introverted and traditional, which makes them rather picky with their friends and mates.

She has a general disdain for people who lack self-control and may find herself insulting the ram for his traits that make him wild and unpredictable.

She is a pseudo-optimist in that she remains optimistic about her own exploits but due to a focus on cold, hard reality she is pessimistic in almost every other aspect.


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