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Robert accused Mac of being behind the death threats. Anna found a knife in Mac's boot and assumed he came there to do his brother harm.When Robert was critically wounded after someone threw a plastic explosive into his office, Mac was labeled the prime suspect. Mac was arrested and charged with attempted murder. It was later learned the brothers' estrangement was due to Mac and Robert's parents and Robert's fiancée, Lily, being killed in a plane crash. Mac managed to escape from jail when an earthquake hit Port Charles.The character was introduced as a plot device by Monty to delve into Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) background.

Mac's problems with Robert got worse when several attempts on Robert's life were made. Robert's lover, Anna, knocked him down to stop him from going in Robert's room.While in hiding, Dom refused to make love to Mac due to flashbacks of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband.Caught once again, Dom was put into a sanitarium where Mac secretly visited her.Despite his brother initially hating him, Mac never becomes a villain, and he even manages to rebuild his relationship with his brother.Prior to his Port Charles arrival, Mac works as a hired hand on boating trips.It’s not anything that we dislike about each other.” The couple got married back in 2013 and a share a daughter named Harper Rose, 2.York was hired by returning executive producer, Gloria Monty in December 1990.Dominique's childhood nanny, who had only recently arrived, was murdered opening night. Dom escaped back to PC only to be hit by a car and found once again by her husband.Dom was charged with her nanny's murder and her husband managed to obtain legal guardianship of her. Mac helped her stage her suicide and made plans to flee the country with her.York made his first appearance on February 14, 1991.York had previously auditioned for two other roles on GH but was rejected.


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