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With a list of persons of interest piling up Rutledge must sort through the many different aspects of the case.

He is helped along by a voice in his head, Corporal Hamish Mac Leod, the ghost of the Scottish officer he had executed for cowardice, who comments persistently inside this detective's weary ear.

, by the mother/son team known as Charles Todd, is a mystery with a huge ending twist.

Fans of this series will see Scotland Yard Detective Ian Rutledge having to solve a case from a different point of view.

The two dated for a few years, but it's unclear when the former couple parted ways.

Brooks' music projects include Elite Gymnastics and Default Genders.

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Because this is a different type of mystery, The Todds wanted to make sure readers understand that it is not a puzzle where “there is a race between the writer and the reader as to who figures it out first.

The presence of a former flame was no problem for the new pair, though; Musk, 46, and Grimes, 30, apparently "made out the whole night" at the afterparty, a source told .

Below, we round up what you need to know about their budding relationship.

The two boundary-pushing musicians appear to be close after appearing on each other's songs.

First, Grimes recruited Monáe for her Art Angels track, "Venus Fly," which boasts a fantastical music video.


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