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The lack of awareness is just the tip of the iceberg – college students are not properly equipped to handle dating abuse.Approximately 57% say that dating abuse is difficult to identify, and 58% say that they don’t even know how to help somebody who is experiencing it.In extremely abusive relationships, salons and spas are often one of the only places that victims can go without their partner.These visits to the salon happen on a regular basis where victims can begin to trust their salon professional with the intimate details of their life.The good thing about all of this is that we have the same understanding of the relationship and it actually doesn’t surprise me. When it finally came down to it (I guess he wanted to orgasm together), it was too much pressure and I tensed up, and he couldn’t finish. He took a break, and as we went a second round, we were disturbed by a phone call (it was the Rock Climber, shit! So glad we did just one round before he conked out.The bad thing about this is that the relationship is a lot more casual than I thought. ), which I got up to decline, but he just couldn’t get back into it. We did some small banter, he showed me a cool volleyball move, and was actually SO much better of a coach than Volleyball Coach (who actually, I bumped into at the beach the other day and he gave me the look-away when I waved AWKWARD! I debated staying but decided that I want to be focused the next day and it would be better to just leave.Many young people haven’t encountered domestic abuse because they haven’t had a relationship where they live with their partner.

These warning signs can help you figure out if your relationship is headed in the direction of abuse: These signs are not always recognizable just by looking at somebody’s outward appearance.

The rape culture in colleges and universities is no secret; 43% of dating college women have reported experiencing violent and abusive dating behaviors. Girls and young women between the ages of 16 and 24 tend to experience the highest rate of partner violence.

The statistics for this age group are almost triple the national average.

I feel like I’m hustling in all respects, but it might just be better if I could get a steady income.

I will continue to drive my entrepreneur business on the side is what I’m thinking.


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