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Freedom Party politician and Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache tells two contemporary art viewers “You’re both thinking ‘this is real nonsense'” in the Freedom Party’s campaign video, titled “Let me say it for you.” Image via You Tube.What would such conservative policies mean for the major institution?“Cultural changes might not be that immediate but will perhaps shift public programs towards more conventional formats—in contrast to progressive productions—in the long run,” suggests Juliane Bischoff of the Kunsthalle Wien, one of Austria’s preeminent contemporary art museums.“On a symbolic level, however, the implications of Austria’s right-wing coalition are already perceptible: the public sphere is infused by a highly pejorative language and by images that evoke a homogeneous community as well as a culture that is orientated on the past.” Many sources artnet News spoke to did seem to acknowledge how generous the funding system currently is.To art its freedom.” Immediately, the Secession hit back with a critical public statement, warning of the threat to the arts posed by a government that does not prize a free and open society.Here are three things Austria’s shift in power could mean for the art world.(Images: ANNO/Austrian National Library) Most of the French newspapers express regret that Franz Joseph should have died too soon to be brought before the bar of human justice, but say that he died too late for the good of his reign.The in Amsterdam said it was impossible to absolve the Emperor of responsibility, at least in part, for the outbreak of the war and for the ultimatum presented to Serbia on 23 July 1914.

Wedding customs and traditions exist since the institution of marriage has been around. The meaning and origin of the different wedding customs vary widely.Artists sometimes cobble together incredible grant packages for themselves.But in the end, nobody really oversees what happens to some projects.Journalist and Vienna-based arts writer Kimberly Bradley who has covered the Austrian arts and political scene for several years, told artnet News that the Freedom Party has long taken issue with Gelatin, and says she wonders if irreverent artists like that collective—which, in their a exhibition at Greene Naftali, had sex with clay sculptures—may see their support dry up or find themselves publicly condemned.exploring the projected cultural shift under this new government, Bradley predicts that though there likely won’t be strong censorship, there will be a “vilification of provocative aesthetics.” The last time the Freedom Party got into power with a similar coalition in 2000, it caused an exodus of Austrian artists to cities like Los Angeles and Berlin.(German Chancellor Angela Merkel has yet to put together her coalition government.) In Austria, the new chancellor is a 31-year-old , the youngest leader in the world, and his recently sworn-in government has already released a program detailing some important changes to national policy.These include reduced assistance allotted to migrant workers, counter-reform to unemployment benefits for Austrians, and, most prominently, a revision of its immigration policy.Quality also means a revaluation of art outside Vienna.“There will be a shift from the capital to the countryside and rural areas and that they want to move away from the so-called “Giesskannenprinzip”, which means smaller pots of budget for more initiatives to a more centralized funding, which means more money for less initiatives.” say Kevin Space, who fear this means a reduction in funding for alternative spaces.He will be succeeded by his 29-year old grand nephew, Archduke Charles.The news of his death was met without pity in newspapers in enemy states across Europe. Both images show Franz Josef in the company of an angel.


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