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In addition, Argentina is a founding member of the United Nations, WTO, World Bank Group, CELAC, and OEI.The country has a total estimated population of approximately 44 million inhabitants.Although other alternatives exist, two models dominate the discussion aboutthe formation of the Altiplano-Puna and other orogenic plateaus.Plateau growth may be the outcome of deep-seated mantle processes.Quantifying erosion rates in the Eastern Cordillera will shed light on the question of plateau growth in the Altiplano-Puna, particularly given that exhumation is occurring almost entirely due to erosion (Rahl et al., unpublished).Continued plateau growth to the east despite high modern erosion rates suggests that the relationship between the two physical processes is complex.

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The interior of the plateau is dry due to a rain shadow effect resulting from high topography to the east and has little relief.

Rates of erosion this high should drive the plateau margin westward and increase exhumation in the Eastern Cordillera.

The nature of these interactions determines the topography of the region and the eastward growth of the frontal range into the foreland basin.

The removal of lithosphere on the underside of thecrust and the expansion of hot asthenosphere many kilometers beneath a continent would cause the overlying area to “pop up,” creating an area of high topography (Garzione et al., 2006, Kayand Mahlburg-Kay, 1991).

This situation has little answer for the problem of frontal range growth and expansion into a foreland basin, and is therefore regarded as an unlikely scenario inthe Altiplano-Puna and Andes.


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