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He saw Harry in the halls a few times and they each subtly smiled/winked at each other (Louis smiled, Harry winked).They're trying to avoid contact in school so they'd have no reason to confront each other and say harsh words. " Eleanor asked Louis as they walked down the hall. "Well," Eleanor started as she slowly faced Louis, "The school's having a cabin hang out thing.

"Its not my fault you panicked and made me panic." He defended himself and you giggled. After a while of you laying in your bed, softly crying, Harry knocked on your door. " Harry asked as he opened your door slowly and you sniffled. "I don't think Ashton feels the same about me as he used to when we first started dating." You said and Harry looked at you confused. "I think he lost interest in me." You whispered before you started crying into Harrys shoulder.

"But I don't think I can." You cried into his neck and he laid you down next to him on your bed, rubbing your back and whispering reassuring things until you fell asleep.

When you woke up, you heard someone sniffle so you shuffled your body around until you were face-to-face with a broken looking Ashton.

Louis gulped and Harry lent down and whispered, "I'm not gonna knee you hard babe, just pretend I did. Louis held in a sigh of relief when Harry's knee gently grazed his stomach, but to anyone else it wouldn't seem that way. Eleanor wrapped an arm around Louis' waist to help him walk, "I'm fine El, really." Eleanor looked at Louis skeptically before shrugging and walking beside him in silence. " "I'm sorry for this morning," Harry apologized after a moment of silence. It was a slow kiss like all the others they've had, excluding their first one which was when they were drunk.

Louis pretended to groan before doubling over in pain. The two glared at Eleanor but Eleanor just glared back. -:- Louis and Harry were seated in the janitors closet later that day. I'm going with some other Bobcats," Louis said before finishing his sandwich and leaving the wrapper on the floor. Neither wants to make the kiss any hotter, loving the gentleness of the kiss and the innocence behind it.


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