Are quinn and rachel dating

But with each new episode it became increasingly clear that no sexual relationship was evolving between them.But the same thing that makes them competitors also makes them almost unbearably precious to each other: No matter how much they fight and backstab and verbally slit each other’s throats, they love each other to death because they’re each other's only equals. She would have laughed if it hadn't been so insane. He t-boned your car when you were driving back from school. It had been three weeks since she'd woken up, and her memory was coming back—just more slowly and sporadically than she'd hoped. They'd put together two scrapbooks for her to help her remember, and Brittany had helped her keep track of things for her memory notebook. Of all the stuff to remember…."Rachel laughed as Quinn sat next to her on the bed.

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She is then seen singing Somebody to Love with the Glee club.

That is, until Rachel gets slushied by Puck and an unknown student and Quinn laughs cruelly at her.

All Guys Want Cheerleaders: It's not unreasonable for an adult to be uncomfortable having that sort of relationship with a teenager, but saying he'd go to jail over it was right out. Tina harbors a crush on Blaine, but she realizes her folly and Matchmaking wiki his friend.

Her limbs ached, but she could feel them, so she counted that as a plus. "The doctor will be in to see you in about an hour."Rachel looked from her dads, to Quinn, and back. Do you want me to start from the…sort of beginning with us?

""All I remember is the years of torment at your hands.""Huh? "Hold on, I'm going to get your nurse and your dads."Rachel tried to move a few things. It may take a few weeks, or months, but it will happen.""How long was I gone? ""That's long enough," Quinn muttered."Try to relax, Rachel," the nurse said after she was done taking her vitals. Santana and Brittany were damn near married (no changes there).


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