Are neji and tenten dating

" Hinata quickly scrambles for forgiveness – "I-I am on your side, Tenten, but hear me out, please! " Tenten cracked her knuckles, straining not to shout. She wasn't sure why the cafeteria lady was telling her all this.

No talking with Uchiha." Ordered the Study Hall teacher, exasperated. Don't worry." My daughter and son are in college and they barely come home." "I-"began Tenten.

" "New shinobi world I guess new enemies" Tenten replied." Didnt even finish my sushi".

Hinata hears her mumble, "Ja ne.""She'll never know." The 3 words don't gently pang Tenten's heart. And yes, Tenten has stooped to spy on her boyfriend. " Tenten tightens her grip on the textbook she's holding – strangling it, almost. She corned the smirking Uchiha and retorts, "So you know, huh?

Before Tenten could move the unknown man disappeared with the necklace. His left leg was caught by a kunai 10 mins later The medical ninjas came towards him and his left leg was healed by their medical ninjustsu.

Tenten then quickly went behind the dark cloud off smoke. "We need to get that Necklace back" Neji said."Who was that man?

[General pairings: Naruto Hinata, Sasuke Sakura, Neji Tenten, Shikamaru Ino]Tenten tries to make Neji understand why that “dobe” is the perfect match for his cousin. Like many other shinobi, Tenten has achieved her status through hard work and her own unique training style. " sang Sakura to Neji, with Tenten crossing her eyes. "Tenten-" began Neji, but was rudely cut off by a loud "Shhhhh! "I know you're a bit young for love, but if you're sure that this is the boy you love, let him go. It's a risk you have to take," she said, with a small, sad smile on her face. He told me, "The time will come when we see each other again. A delicate, green-blue frosted cake, with M&Ms, her favorite candies, sprinkled all over. We wish you a.' Naruto saw her staring, and explained sheepishly, "The cake store guy couldn't fit in everything. "Y-Yes, t-there is something I-I know, b-but I-I'm n-not supposed t-to tell." Bleeeeeep. For the first time in history, Hinata Hyuga has hung up on her."Today's the day! "These times may be very hard for you and your friends," said the lunch lady very quietly. Then, her eyes followed the length of the table and saw a cake. All of a sudden, Sakura's soprano voice belted out, "Happy Birthday! " Sakura immediately kicked Naruto's foot under the table. The Naruto gang smiled, while an elderly lady looked on through the doorway."Thanks for the comb"Tenten said handing the comb back over to Neji."It's no biggie" Neji replied."You are the perfect gift Neji,a girl could have ever recieved" Tenten said smiling."Speaking of gift, I have a gift for you" Neji said reaching into his pocket pulling out a small box.In curiousity Tenten took the box and opened it slowly. "It's beautiful" Tenten said dazed by it's beauty. "It's been in my family since the first Hokage was named.Here is a community dedicated to the very best of the best: Tenten and Neji.Whether it just be one character centric or both of them in a relationship, this is for the Tenten Neji lovers out there in the world! It's a week 'til Christmas and Tenten's parents have gone off on a mission stating she has to stay with a friend, Hyuuga Neji. Some romance blooms and things start to get a little hectic! "'Kay, see ya around." She walks off, leaving Tenten sitting with on the desk with her hands covering her eyes. Neji whispers, "You think she knows what we're doing? I wouldn't be so daft as to- RIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGG! Neji looked at Tenten, and Tenten looked at Neji, and then she walked off to class, leaving a very confused Neji Hyuga."Gotta talk to Sasuke," said Tenten during Math. She wasn't one to gossip, but since Tenten was her closest friend, she had to let her know the truth. "Hinata, thanks for letting me know," She sighed wearily, shaking her head. The shy girl felt sorry for her – Tenten already had enough on her plate for this week. Frowning, Tenten says, "Hello, Hyuga." Neji doesn't catch the surname placement, and proceeds to chat with Sakura, or as Tenten calls her, Skank.


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