Are courtney and austin from the biggest loser dating

Additionally, as an under-aged subject is less mature than his/ her suitor, it would be comprehensible for said subject to ponder whether or not he/ she is the "only one".

Years back, watching Much Music (music channel in Canada) Kurt was in Vancouver and doing an interview and when he was asked the meaning of the song, he said that he had many homosexual friends, and the song was about the oppression of gay people.

It actually completely makes sense that Wal-Mart would sell items like guns and cigarettes, but not media objectionable material.

Here's why: Wal-mart didn't want to sell items with messages in them that may promote dangerous behavior if they were going to sell items that could be USED for dangerous behavior.

The real origin of Rape Me is more complicated than most know.

Cobain was given the lyrics to the song which he later named Smells Like Teen Spirit in 1986, and formed Nirvana later that year.

We NEVER got it that he was AGAINST violence against women, can you believe it?

we thought the opposite, "great music but lyrics are sooo rude" omg, for shame.

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(I'm pretty sure this is right but feel free to correct)I've said this about other Nirvana songs.The lyrics had been given to him anonymously, and Cobain had no way of finding the author of the lyrics.Cobain tried to rewrite the lyrics , keeping parts of the original and adding his own.Pennyroyal Tea was going to repeat the pattern, had not Kurt killed himself.Also, I've never met anybody who listened to Nirvana because Kurt commited suicide. I believe that Curt often would sing a word repeatedly, but would phonetically morph that word into another word, either related or unrelated to the original.Anyway, it's a fantastic song The industry hype around Cobain as a 'genius' is just marketing crap spewed out all year , every year, by all the people still selling the Nirvana brand.Rape me was not about fame, and dealing with media etc., because it was written before Cobain even became famous.they were #1 at the end of 1991 and brought Grunge in to mainstream for the next four years and Alternative music in general for longer.They were not losing fame: from their last studio album, two singles, "Heart-Shaped Box" and "All Apologies/Rape Me," topped the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks at release.Rape Me was written before Nirvana became famous on the their first popular album 'Nevermind'.All the crap about it having been written in reaction to paparazzi etc. Nirvana were an unknown little bar band traveling around in vans when Rape Me was written.


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