Amare stoudemire and ciara dating

They've also been spotted at The Collective."According to a Post source, "Ciara is best friends with La La and has been attending Knicks games with her, including Monday's game.

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If the former, this will be one of the most spell-binding sexual pairings either has ever had — not because of orgasm…

But the real issue for the Knicks is the 8-12 record the team has since acquiring Anthony.

And it is doubtful Ciara can do anything to help that.

Earlier this year, a bitter contract dispute led to her being removed from Jive Records.

The once dubbed Princess of Crunk&B, Ciara went onto the attack, taking to her Facebook page to openly complain about the lack of promotion she’d received from the label.


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    Setlist: • Anything That’s Rock N’ Roll • Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It) • I Need To Know • Don’t Bring Me Down • You’re Gonna Get It • Breakdown • American Girl • Strangered In the Night • Too Much Ain’t Enough • Shout!