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I studied Portuguese with a wonderful Brazilian tutor for a couple years in Chicago and I used to try to read the local news online every day.When I arrived, I had all this vocabulary and basic grammar rules floating around in my head, but putting it into practice has been another matter entirely.There are many countries I would like to visit on the African continent.

Can you recommend any good schools of teaching portugeuse? If you have Facebook, you should join the "Foreigners in Porto Alegre" group - there's lots of useful information on the Discussion Board and plenty of new friends!I'd love to do a slow bus tour of Brazil, well, of most of South America for that matter.I've given some thought to teaching English in Korea for a year and spending the earnings on an Asian escapade.I felt overwhelmed for a while, because my speaking and listening skills were so far behind my reading skills.I have a tutor here, but it is only a recent development that I would say my communication ability reached "conversational". For the most part, Brazilians have been thrilled to tell me how wonderful my Portuguese is. A very congenial people indeed.) However, I have also had a handful of experiences, similar to other interviewees on this site, in which I felt frustrated that, due to a slight pronunciation misstep, I was treated as if I was wholly unintelligible.My blog is My Life in Havaianas and I am a contributor at Galavanting. I found your blog facinating, particularly as I am planning to move to Porto Alegre in the very near future. I have some expat friends here that are teaching in language schools and also some "real teachers" (i.e.Do you have any advice on finding teaching jobs in Porto Alegre? former elementary/high school teachers) that are teaching at Pan American here. Also, when are you arriving, where are you coming from, and what's your story? Loquinha, Thank you so much for the your depiction of Porto Alegre.However, it might as well be a different country because the local culture is radically different that those in the more familiar Rio, São Paulo, or the northeast. I quit my corporate job, rid myself of almost everything that didn't fit in my little suitcases, and leapt into the unknown.After more than a year of researching (about crime, economics, transportation, even percentage of green space), I decided to start my new Brazilian life here in the south. No, seriously, I looked into it before I left the States but the plans were very costly.Certainly, this is universal and not uniquely Brazilian, but it's aggravating nevertheless.-Do you miss home and family sometimes? Sometimes I miss weird things, too, like home-style pancakes.My (something like homesickness) dissipate, though, when I consider the simple improvements in my quality of life: lots of sunshine, spare time, a pool to swim at, and all those glorious—if unrecognizable—tropical fruits.-Do you have other plans for the future?


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