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Date convicted: May 26, 2017He took part in a massive disability fraud scheme.

Paid millions in illegal kickbacks for patient referrals to recruiters associated with assisted-living facilities and halfway houses in exchange for supplying therapy services to patients who didn't need them.

Date convicted: April 7, 2011In November 2015, she was convicted of assaulting a patient who had a learning disability and impaired cognitive functions by kicking her on the body and covering her mouth to stop her breathing.

He was further ordered to have no contact directly or indirectly with the U. federal Medicare insurance program and is required to voluntarily surrender his medical license. On May 10, 2000 the College of Psychologists of Ontario revoked his license.

He was also required to pay the College's costs for investigation and enforcement: ,000.


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    Desecrated Hagia Sophia – something even the Muslims would not do.

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    People start relating to each other, not just as members of specific social groups. They’re not defined by their social class or other external social superstructure that normally influences or dictates a large portion of their life.

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    The Hohle Fels caverns contain plentiful evidence of prolonged prehistoric human occupation and has been the site of numerous finds, including the Lion Man figure.