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This previously-recorded webinar described the impact of trauma on victims, including cognitive and behavioral reactions, and discussed the effect of common victim behaviors on factfinders’ assessments of victim credibility.It discussed the law related to the prosecution’s introduction of expert testimony on victim behavior, how to identify experts qualified to testify on this subject, and what the parameters of such testimony should be.The presenter discussed the law related to the introduction of expert testimony by the prosecution to explain victim behavior and how to identify experts qualified to testify on this issue.The recording also highlighted the importance of deciding whether to introduce expert testimony in a case.Native Nations and Violence Against Women, Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas, Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri in Kansas and Nebraska, Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska and Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence.Financial Education Webinar Series ~ Income, Spending and Savings: Achieving Financial Stability (part 4 of 6), National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and National Endowment for Financial Education.How domestic violence programs can develop well-designed housing projects through U. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Co C (part 2 of 2), Domestic Violence and Housing Technical Assistance Consortium.

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a series of continuing education modules that are intended for behavioral health providers who are already licensed or have completed their terminal degree.

All of these modules will include up to date research, practices, role-plays, and reflective questions so that providers, clinicians, and extenders can build on their competency in delivering relationally based care for individuals, couples, and families.

Successful completion of a module will result in a certificate, however this certificate is intended to be used for professional advancement and cannot be considered a replacement for a university based course.

public perceptions of how victims should respond to physical and emotional trauma often conflict with the way victims actually behave, and these misconceptions can severely affect the fact finders’ assessment of victim credibility and ultimate case outcome.

Experienced professionals familiar with victim behavior understand that victims have individual responses to trauma that are often counterintuitive to public expectations, but may be unable or unsure of how to explain this to the jury.


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