Accommodating tests

Faculty members have the right to work with students directly, or refer students to DRC.

DRC staff is also available to consult with faculty regarding the requested accommodations.

[Top] Generally, exams overlap the time of the regularly scheduled class exams.

Occasionally, due to schedule conflicts or back-to-back classes, students may take exams before or after the regularly scheduled class times.

[Top] Testing accommodations are provided to ensure examinations do not measure a student's disability, but rather create an environment allowing students to appropriately demonstrate their mastery of the material.

Disabilities that interfere with reading print, fine or gross motor skills, processing speed, managing severe anxiety, or sitting for long periods of time may be appropriately accommodated by a test accommodation.

Spontaneous, unstructured and informal requests can result in miscommunication, lack of details, and mishandled exams.

Advantages of accommodating students directly are that the instructor maintains control over the exam and students have direct access to the instructor during the exam.For most students, the disability affects the pace at which they can complete work relative to other students.Disabilities may include learning disabilities, visual impairments, motor disabilities, head injuries, attentional, or psychological disabilities.Alternative testing (AT) is a nationally recognized, appropriate reasonable accommodation for students with certain disabilities.Testing accommodations should not fundamentally alter the intent of the exam or lower the program standards of the university.Test accommodations may include additional test time, alternative test formats (e.g., large print, audio or Braille), or the use of adaptive equipment (word processors, electronic spelling checkers, text enlargers).Some students experience episodic impairments (e.g., epilepsy, depression, migraines, multiple sclerosis) which may need to be considered in determining exam accommodations.[Top] Like regularly administered exams, many AT accommodations are provided by the faculty or teaching assistant.Providing test accommodations within the department offers students with disabilities easy access to instructors during tests, ensures greater test security, and facilitates last minute changes or clarifications to exam questions.As long as a student receives the appropriate accommodations, faculty are free to arrange for accommodations.DRC staff is available to consult with faculty regarding the requested accommodations.


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