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Standard monofocal lenses provide good distance vision but still require the use of reading glasses for near and intermediate work to overcome the presbyopia.Premium lenses consist of multifocal and accommodating lenses.In some environments and with very fine print, reading glasses may be beneficial or necessary.Disadvantages A significant disadvantage of monofocal lenses is that they only correct for one distance, requiring the use of reading glasses even after cataract surgery.It is such a unique idea and there is definitely a gap in the market for a platform such as this.” Bloggers at Muslim “Traveling and meeting Muslims across the world has taught us that the Muslim ummah truly is one family and that we have a home no matter where we go.It's great to see Muzbnb develop a platform that makes this idea a reality!When proceeding with cataract surgery, an important decision has to be made by the patient and doctor - choosing which IOL is best suited to restore vision and help meet the patient's visual demands and lifestyle needs.There are multiple types of IOLs to consider, including traditional monofocal lenses and premium lenses.

Fortunately, in most cases the cataract is removable and vision can be restored with an intraocular lens ("IOL")*.” Founder, Publisher at My Halal “I am so thrilled to see Muzbnb available for our use.What a fantastic opportunity to travel and stay in interesting places that are also comfortable with regards to our lifestyle.Multifocal lenses provide various degrees of distance and near vision depending on the design of the lens.Accommodating lenses* helps to correct presbyopia by restoring some of the eyes ability to accommodate* to near targets. In general, patients who choose to have monofocal lens implants will be dependent on glasses either some or most of the time in about 95% of cases.This venture is on the ball." Co-founder & COO of Launch Good "Muzbnb offers frequent travelers like me an opportunity to further connect and support a Burgeoning Islamic global ecosystem through the simple act of staying in a fellow Muslim's home." American Scholar "Muzbnb affords Muslims the blessing of travel while ensuring that the places they stay conform to religious dictates.Additionally, it is a great way to keep the dollar in our community.With multifocal IOLs near vision may not be sufficient to see very small print, such as stock quotes, phonebook entries or medicine labels and eye fatigue after reading for prolonged periods of time or in poor lighting may occur.In addition, 25% of patients note glare and haloes around lights at night with the refractive multifocal IOL, a feature that is inherent to multifocal lenses.Director of Outreach for Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center of Northern Virginia "Now is the perfect time for Muzbnb.We owe it to ourselves, Muslims and other people of faith & moral conviction to open our hearts and our homes with Muzbnb.


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