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Brackett , Efficacy of electrolyzed oxidizing (EO) and chemically modified water on different types of foodborne pathogens. How will population growth, resource consumption, fossil fuel reserves, transportation methods and building structures, and global warming effect our lives and our lifestyles in 5, 10, 20, and 50 years? The search engine provides bibliographic access to science journal articles from the Marcel Dekker suite of journals: Journal of Plant Nutrition Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural Wastes Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis E.g., Changes in Humic Substances and Phosphorus Fractions During Composting A. Read about the effect on SOIL, PLANT GROWTH and MICROBIAL ACTIVITY, and the Important Role of Humic Matter in the Environment, Agriculture, Industry, Medicine and Pharmacy, AND MORE in: Kim H. Visit the SANET-MG archives at: - Sat Dec 06 2003 X-UIDL: 368602332 X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 10000000 Received: from mailserv1.[2.236] by with ESMTP (SMTPD32-8.04) id A5376F4A0050; Sat, -0500 Received: by mailserv1.(Postfix) id 13C96B214; Sat, -0500 (EST) Delivered-To: [email protected]: from localhost (localhost []) by mailserv1.(Postfix) with ESMTP id EC31CB207 for ; Sat, -0500 (EST) Received: (qmail 1802 invoked from network); -0000 Received: from localhost.localdomain (HELO enviroserver.envirolink.org) ( by localhost.localdomain with SMTP; -0000 Received: (qmail 1781 invoked from network); -0000 Received: from (2.148) by 2.228 with SMTP; -0000 Received: from sdn-ap-018neomahp0314.([] helo=ncat.org) by with esmtp (Exim 3.33 #1) id 1ASh WT-0002HB-00 for [email protected]; Sat, -0500 Message-ID: Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="===============095679211687350385==" Sender: [email protected]: [email protected]: by viruswatch at X-Note: Total weight is 0.

In my travels, observations on sustainability are striking. Study BIODETOXIFICATION of Toxic metals and other Pollutants in soil and water. HUMIC MATTER IN SOIL AND THE ENVIRONMENT, PRINCIPLES AND CONTROVERSIES. Type "unsubscribe sanet-mg" in the body of the message.

How do you support these megatropolis populations with all those cars zooming around, when fossil fuel reserves are predicted to zero out in less than 100 years? Later in the growing season, these same nutrients are not produced by the rhizosphere community. Greg Evanylo at Virginia Tech completed recent SARE research on agronomic rates of compost.

I realize this is a bleak picture, but it an impression that is real. EDU (LISTSERV-TCP/IP release 1.8e) with spool id 66205 for [email protected] We have evidence that microorganisms communicate with plant roots and make nutrients available as the plant needs them, during certain periods of the growing season. Compost Council list regarding compost mineraliztaion rates.

This activity could facilitate the use of EO water as a contact fungicide on aerial plant surfaces." "EO water reduced lesion development by Botrytis cinerea on geranium leaf disks (Buck et al., 2002) and eliminated powdery mildew on gerbera daisy (Gerbera jamesonii) when sprayed three times a week in preliminary trials (Buck et al., unpublished). Organic mulches strategically applied following soil preparation and planting operations can help re-establish fungal foodwebs and provide food and shelter for both soil microbes and soil arthropods.

Application of EO water to peach fruit delayed disease development of brown rot by the fungus Monilinia fructicola (Al-Haq et al., 2001). Three farms I've visited using the permanent bed approach.

Type "unsubscribe sanet-mg" in the body of the message. Yet, again, crop response in the field is greater than what compost mineralization rates predict. Irshad COMMUNICATIONS IN SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT ANALYSIS Vol. Read all about the more Modern Concepts of SOM, HUMUS and Humic Acid, their Differences and Close Relations.

Steve Diver NCAT / ATTRA On Wed, -0500, Joel Gruver [email protected]******************************************************** To unsubscribe from SANET-MG: 1- Visit unsubscribe by typing in your e-mail address or; 2- Send a message to from the address subscribed to the list. He shared ideas and figures on N mineralization from composts, worth bookmarking for future reference. 2303 2314, 2003 ============================================== ============================================== A book is now available on HUMIC and FULVIC ACIDs.

Visit the SANET-MG archives at: - Mon Nov 03 2003 X-UIDL: 347358631 X-Mozilla-Status: 0011 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 Received: from mailserv.[2.237] by with ESMTP (SMTPD32-7.14) id A9737000062; Mon, -0500 Received: from ([]) by mailserv.(Postfix) with ESMTP id 9BCCB1EF35F for ; Mon, -0500 Received: from LISTS. In my travels, observations on sustainability are striking.The water has been demonstrated to sanitize food preparation surfaces and hospital equipment ( Kim et al., 2000a; Venkitanarayanan and Venkitanarayanan) and therefore could be a safe alternative to fungicides. Eric Kindberg in Bass, AR, in the 1980s and early 90s.However, EO water contains free-chlorine, which can be phytotoxic to plants and damage plant tissue ( Grech and Rijkenberg, 1992; Schubert et al., 1995)." Selected References Al-Haq et al (2001). Used the Keyline Chisel Plow on a multi-purpose toolbar, featuring permanent ~3-foot wide raised beds with wheel tracks.Douglas Hinds wrote: as Dursban) that were being used. It would also be good to know the name of the fungi which produces the substance found to have antibiotic activity (which evidently has been named spinodad), so I checked it out: Spinosad gets its name from the microbe that produces it, a soil-dwelling bacterium called Saccharopolyspora spinosa. Not having been approved is one thing and having been rejected is another and very different matter. If it WAS evaluated and was rejected, on what grounds was that decision made? (A number of Bt strains HAVE been genetically modified, for instance - but that wouldn't rule out Bt strains that weren't). Rijkenberg, Injection of electrolytically generated chlorine into citrus microirrigation systems for the control of certain waterborne root pathogens. Visit the SANET-MG archives at: - Thu Dec 04 2003 X-UIDL: 368602071 X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 Received: from mailserv1.[2.236] by with ESMTP (SMTPD32-8.04) id A64470C90082; Thu, -0500 Received: by mailserv1.(Postfix) id 7542AB094; Thu, -0500 (EST) Delivered-To: [email protected]: from localhost (localhost []) by mailserv1.(Postfix) with ESMTP id 59768B08A for ; Thu, -0500 Received: from LISTS. Eric Kindberg in Bass, AR, in the 1980s and early 90s.JN word "spinosad" doesn't appear on the IFOAM list nor is it contained anywhere in the file you mention above. 2).- No global standards exist for providing organic certification. the USA or Japan) or commercial block (i.e the European Union) has developed it's own standards for allowing a product to be marketed as organic. Used the Keyline Chisel Plow on a multi-purpose toolbar, featuring permanent ~3-foot wide raised beds with wheel tracks. This will also be a time when home food production becomes the norm, rather than reliance on shipped-in food and commercial agriculture. EDU; Thu, -0500 Received: from org ( by (LSMTP for Windows NT v1.1b) with SMTP id ; Thu, -0500 Received: from ([130.1]) (authenticated) by org (8.10.2/8.10.2) with ESMTP id h B4J91g07642; Thu, -0700 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=windows-1252; format=flowed Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Message-ID: Subject: New book on Humic Matter in Soils from Marcel Dekker Comments: To: [email protected]: [email protected] SUBJSPACES-8 X-RCPT-TO: Status: U X-UIDL: 368602071 Forwarding this book announcement on Humic Matter in Soils and Environment from Dr. You also bring to light minor details that may go un-noticed. It occurs to me that we may have to look at a lifestyle based on the bicycle and other non-fossil fuel driven transporation, in the next decade or two. EDU Precedence: list X-Virus-Scanned: by viruswatch at X-Note: Total weight is 4. None X-RCPT-TO: Status: U X-UIDL: 368602332 --===============095679211687350385== Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="------------000701060406090504040206" --------------000701060406090504040206 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit That is a quality equipment and cropping system you've put together, Hugh.3).- Being able insure the presence of the fungi itself in the soil and on the plant would seem to me to be a preferable solution, with inoculated compost and compost tea providing the same (or perhaps better) results with less cost, along with an added degree of prevention. Date: Fri, -0400 An antibiotic product of a fungus, Spinosad, is providing effective insect control. EDU (LISTSERV-TCP/IP release 1.8e) with spool id 21607 for [email protected] None X-Spam-Prob: 0.014414 X-RCPT-TO: Status: U X-UIDL: 347351994 A while back electrolyzed water was posted to SANET as a technology used in Japan for use as a disinfectant around food and medical facilities and for plant pathogenic disease control in agriculture. Hung doi:10.1016/S0261-2194(02)00113-8 Abstract: Acidic electrolyzed oxidizing (EO) water quickly kills a variety of fungi and shows promise as a broad-spectrum contact fungicide for control of foliar diseases of greenhouse-grown ornamentals. Spading machine that fits inside wheel tracks, same as how Hugh Lovel described.Furthermore (unless compost tea is not permitted), you're much more likely to satisfy the certification requirements of all major organic markets. Is this product suitable for use in organic food production? The postings from Keishi Matsumura and Hugh Lovel were especially interesting. One requirement for use in the greenhouse is that EO water will not cause excessive phytotoxic symptoms on a wide variety of species. Major equipment investment that includes purchase of new Kubota tractor to match Falc spader.EO water is generated by electrolysis of a dilute solution of sodium chloride in an electrolysis chamber where anode and cathode electrodes are separated by a non-selective membrane ( Kim et al., 2000b). The boundary and edge effect -- sod strips for traction and animal fodder, habitat for worms, edge effect between narrow strips of cropland and vegetation -- brings in multiple aspects of ecology, energy dynamics, biology, and permaculture.Water collected from the anode (EO water) has unique properties such as high oxidation reduction potential, low p H, presence of hypochlorous acid, and strong bactericidal ( Kim et al., 2000a; Venkitanarayanan et al., 1999a) and fungicidal ( Buck et al., 2002) activity. Kawagoe, Fungicidal effectiveness of electrolyzed oxidizing water on postharvest brown rot of peach. My notes about tilling "edge to edge" was a simple statement of fact for the equipment I have on hand, which I think is a 44" tiller and a small Kubota tractor. Where roto-tilling is the only equipment option, it is important to use cover crops with deep and extensive rooting action -- such as rye -- as a cover crop in rotation to help alleviate the intense soil disturbance from roto-tillers. in soil-building sod species like grasses and forage legumes... Two years out of seven in permanent cover is a good practice.


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