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From their earliest days making bicycle and Model T tires, Goodyear has been synonymous with great quality, design and durability.

That commitment and dedication to quality still holds true today for millions of drivers.

He entered the NBA directly from high school and won five NBA championships with the Lakers.

Bryant is an 18-time All-Star, 15-time member of the All-NBA Team, and 12-time member of the All-Defensive team.

Kobe Bean Bryant (born August 23, 1978) is an American former professional basketball player.

He played his entire 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Due to its light weight, players can switch to or from the LSAT faster than with other belt-fed light machine guns.However, it has a magazine capacity of 100, unlike the M249 and Type 88 LMG.It unlocks the US attachments, while the Russian and Chinese attachments must be unlocked through Battlepacks.It is unlocked upon completion of the Point Blank assignment.The LSAT has a fairly slow rate of fire of 650 RPM, along with an average damage rating of a standard 5.56 LMG, it is somewhat disadvantaged on raw power.The low recoil allows the user to engage more long range targets.The LSAT's stats are very similar to the Type 88 LMG, which is featured in the Physical Warfare Pack, but has a very fast reload—almost as fast as the PKP Pecheneg—very manageable recoil, and the best hipfire of all the beltfed light machineguns.The weapon also has almost no recoil while using a bipod, making it extremely accurate for prolonged fire, and the clear iron sights allow for easy target acquisition.The Navy Blue Digital and Digital Woodland camouflages are available for the weapon to Premium members upon the completion of the LSAT Specialist assignment.The slang dictionary is a list of informal words, expressions, and abbreviations that are commonly used in Rune Scape.It is incomplete, and never will be complete because of Rune Scape's constantly changing vocabulary and community, so please add to it.


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